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Are you looking for a professional hedge trimming service?

Leave It To Luke is on hand ready to help with your hedge trimming needs.

Contact us on 0447 744 350 or fill in our form – we’ll come out to you and give you a free quote.

Shaping a hedge or shrub is not as easy as it looks. Rest assured that the team at Leave It To Luke will deliver a stunning result so that your garden will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Book us in for a regular cut in order to maintain that neat look you’re after.

Hedge Trimming by Leave It To Luke Melbourne
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Are you looking to maintain a stunning lawn and garden throughout the year?

The team at Leave It To Luke can help you achieve this with our comprehensive lawn and gardening services. From lawn care and hedge trimming to weeding and pruning, we have the expertise to keep your outdoor space in tip top shape.

Let us take care of your gardening needs so you can spend your weekends enjoying it, not working on it.

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Why Do You Need To Have Your Hedges Trimmed?

Keeping your hedges, trees and shrubs looking good and healthy requires regular trimming.

This promotes faster and better growth and ensures that hedges can last longer than ever.

Leave It To Luke ensures our experienced team can help you achieve that.

We offer hedge trimming services that will have the neighbours turning their heads twice.

Leave Your Hedges To Luke

Our expertise in hedge trimming service

We know what it takes to handle the job.

We can deliver trimming services that suit your garden’s requirements.

We are available to take hedge trimming jobs on weekdays, weekend and public holidays.

Whether your hedges need a one-off trim or they are required to be cut back more frequently, be sure that your hedges will be looking in great shape with us.

Hedges by Leave It To Luke Melbourne

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