Commercial Gardening Services in Glen Iris

At Leave It To Luke, we take pride in being dedicated NDIS gardening providers, in Glen Iris committed to transforming outdoor spaces into inclusive, accessible, and thriving environments for individuals participating in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our comprehensive range of specialised gardening maintenance services is designed to cater to the unique needs of NDIS participants, ensuring that they can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of well-maintained and thoughtfully designed gardens.

Our NDIS Gardening Services in Glen Iris

Accessible Garden Features: Our expert team specialises in creating accessible garden features tailored to varying mobility levels and sensory needs. This includes raised beds, ramps, and sensory gardens that foster an inclusive outdoor experience.

Personalised Garden Design: We collaborate closely with NDIS participants to understand their preferences and requirements, creating personalised garden designs that reflect their unique vision and enhance their overall well-being.

Garden Maintenance for All Abilities: Our ongoing strata garden maintenance services in Glen Iris are adapted to accommodate participants of all abilities. From routine care to seasonal adjustments, we ensure that gardens remain vibrant, safe, and enjoyable throughout the year.

NDIS Funding Assistance: Navigating the NDIS funding process can be complex. We provide guidance and assistance to participants, ensuring that commercial gardening services align with their NDIS plans and budgets.

Gardening Support for the Elderly: Elevating well-being through tailored gardening support for the elderly in Glen Iris, we cultivate therapeutic outdoor havens, fostering joy, physical activity, and a connection with nature in the golden years of life. Our compassionate approach ensures that each garden is a source of solace and delight for every senior we serve.

Therapeutic Planting: We incorporate therapeutic planting into our designs, selecting plants known for their sensory benefits to create a calming and engaging outdoor space.

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Expert Hedge Trimming

Expert Hedge Trimming and Vacant Plot Maintenance Services

As trusted NDIS providers, we extend our expertise to offer comprehensive commercial gardening services, including professional hedge trimming and vacant plot trimming in Glen Iris. Our dedicated team understands the importance of maintaining well-groomed outdoor spaces for commercial properties, ensuring accessibility and aesthetics for all visitors.

With our hedge trimming services, we skillfully shape and maintain hedges to enhance curb appeal, promote healthy growth, and define property boundaries. Similarly, our vacant plot trimming services focus on clearing overgrown areas, managing vegetation, and transforming neglected spaces into tidy landscapes.

At Leave It To Luke, we prioritise delivering high-quality gardening solutions that align with NDIS standards and cater to the unique needs of commercial clients. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your outdoor areas remain inviting, functional, and compliant with accessibility guidelines. Trust us to enhance the beauty and usability of your commercial property through our comprehensive gardening services.

Why Choose Our Commercial Gardening in Glen Iris?

Inclusivity at the Core: We prioritise inclusivity in every aspect of our services, creating outdoor spaces that are welcoming and accessible to individuals of all abilities.

NDIS Expertise: Our team has extensive knowledge of NDIS guidelines and regulations, ensuring that our services comply with the highest standards and participants’ unique requirements.

Personalised and Compassionate Approach: Every participant is unique, and our approach is personalized and compassionate. We understand the importance of creating a gardening experience that aligns with individual preferences and needs.

Transparent Communication: Open communication is fundamental to our NDIS approved garden services in Glen Iris. We keep participants informed throughout the process, ensuring collaboration and satisfaction at every stage.

Commercial Gardening Glen Iris


Transform Your Outdoor Experience with Leave It To Luke

Ready to create an inclusive and vibrant outdoor space? Contact us today for a consultation. At our company, we are more than NDIS gardening providers in Glen Iris; we are partners in fostering joy, accessibility, and well-being through the beauty of nature.

So, transform your outdoor spaces with our expert lawn mowing in Glen Iris and garden care services. We bring precision and care to every job, ensuring your lawn is immaculate, gardens are vibrant, and outdoor areas reflect the beauty you envision. Choose us for a tailored approach to elevate your commercial gardening experience.


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